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Regreddit w/ Ron Babcock

What was the scene like at the Reddit offices when Gawker uncovered the true identity of Violentacrez, one of Reddit’s most controversial users? We pressed their PR exec George Leslie for answers. Featuring Ron Babcock (on Tumblr at heyronblog.com).

Photo by Robert Vitulano

This podcast is great. It’s called Pre-Recorded Late Night, where guests go on and improv back and forth with the very funny host, Jay Frosting. I did that George Lesley character I sometimes do, who I describe as just an insanely positive person. This time I played a PR Executive for Reddit, which was all over the news last week for having some crazy underage sex stuff on their site.

If you have trouble listening above, just click here.

1 year ago

October 29, 2012
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